• Tips for Hanging Driftwood on a Wall or Mantle

    - Determine if the driftwood is strong enough accept hanging hardware. Test the wood for soft areas by pressing with your thumb. Avoid placing screws/nails in any areas that feel soft or where the wood is readily flaking away.
    - For curving or branching pieces, place them against the wall as you would like them to hang. Notice where the wood contacts the wall. This is typically where you would place a hanger.
    - You will need at least one hanger in the middle of the piece or ideally hangers on either end for stability.
  • Navigating a logjam to find great driftwood pieces.

    Navigating unstable logjams to find great driftwood.
  • Good Driftwood in Eastern Tennessee

    One of many great root pieces from a recent trip to Tennessee. This oak driftwood root can be used for aquarium / terrarium or yard decor.

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