I'm fortunate to have a family member who lives in a great driftwood collection area in TN.  I recently paid her a visit and was able to get a truckload of nice pieces.  

Unlike the mostly brown patina pieces I get here in NC, much of the wood there had been baking in the sun for months or years giving it a naturally bleached patina.   My friend and I spent the entire day dragging pieces out of logjams, trimming and loading them.  We were both covered in sweat as the temperature settled in the mid 90's with ony an occassionaly breeze.  Apparently it was too hot even for snakes which I typically see a lot of.

The next stage for these pieces will be a good pressure washing, drying for at least a few days, trimming and sanding.  Then onto photographing and listing.  Finding the driftwood is fun.  Everything else is hard work!

You can check out a video of how I clean and prepare my pieces here.

Large cedar stump with Celosia in background.  Great for landscape.

Unique burl like driftwood piece full of interesting wood detail.

Driftwood art piece with an angular shape hand like accent.